• Baijnath temple

    Baijnath temple

    This temple is located 16 km away from the town of Kausani in the Katyuri valley. Historically this place was ruled by Katyuri kings during 12th and 13th century. This place has great significance as it is believed that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parwati were married here. The main deity of the temple is Lord Vishnu. Other than that there are other temples of Shiva, Ganesh,Parwati and Surya.

  • Anashakti Ashram

    Anashakti Ashram

    This is an Ashram in Kausani which is also sometimes known as Gandhi Ashram because Mahatma Gandhi stayed here and wrote the ‘Geeta Anashakti yog’. It is a popular attraction because of its connection with Gandhiji and in the current day, a museum is being erected here where you can find things related with Gandhiji and a library is also present so that one can research about Anashakti yog.

  • Kausani Tea estate

    Kausani Tea estate

    Kausani tea estate is located 5 km away from the main town. It is an area spread over 208 hectares located on Bageshwar road and it is a tea base for the entire state. If you speak about the tea plantations in the Northern part of the country, then Kausani has a reputed spot and its tea are exported to the countries like U.S.A., Australia and Germany . it can be visited with the help of a guide.

  • Someshwar Kausani

    Someshwar Kausani

    This town is also known for the beautiful Someshwar valley and is known for the temple which believes Lord Shiva as the chief deity. This temple has great significance and many devotees come to worship Lord Shiva. The temple was built by Raja Som chand and so the temple has been named after two kings namely Raja Maheshwar and Raja Som Chand.

  • Pinnath Kausani

    Pinnath Kausani

    It can be reached by trekking and it is situated at the foot of Gopalkot Peak. It is known for the Pinnath temple which is dedicated to lord Bhairon. On the southern side of the temple, there is door on which have figures of kings on its walls and it is beautiful example of Indian architecture. It is one of the most picturesque locations in the city and every year in October a fair is organized at the village.

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