• Charminar


    It is a well known monument all over the world and it was constructed in 1591 .There are several stories behind its construction but we won’t go into the detail. The historical monument is the architectural marvel of Persia and it was constructed as the centre point of the city. The structure consists of 4 arches which face a point that faces the 4 differ rent streets of the city.

  • Hussain Sagar

    Hussain Sagar

    It is an artificial lake in the city built during the rule of Qutub dynasty and was named after Hussain Shah Wali who designed it. The lake gets its water by River Musi and earlier used to be the main source of water to Hyderabad. In the middle of a lake there is an island on which a big Monolithic Statue of Gautama Buddha is erected.

  • Golconda


    It is the ruined fort of the south India which is situated just 11 kms. distant from the city of Hyderabad. It was built in 975 C.E. and during the later years it was also made the capital by Nizams. Golconda is known for its Diamond mines which have also produced KOh-I-Noor diamond. Many famous diamonds are said to be found from the mines of Golconda.

  • Ramoji Film city

    Ramoji Film city

    It is considered as the largest film studio complex of the world by Guinness Book of Records. The place attracts many tourists because of this as well as for its natural beauty. It was set up in 1996 by the producer Ramoji Rao and has been the location of many a films in Hindi, Malayalam, English and few of the international film have been also been shot here.

  • Qutb Shahi tombs

    Qutb Shahi tombs

    Without seeing this trip to the Hyderabad can’ be complete as the dynasty is responsible for all the historical significance of the city. These monuments located near the Golconda Forts are the tombs of the 7 Qutub Shahi rulers. Along with this the monuments also contain a mortuary bath and the mosque of Hayat Bakshi Begum which the center of attraction of these monuments.

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