• Iskcon Temple:

    Iskcon Temple:

    It is the largest Isckon Temple in India located in Rajajinagar area in the Northern part of the city. It is one of the biggest ISCON temples in India. The legacy of ISKCON temples is known worldwide. In the year 1976, people from different part of India and the world united to spread the message of ISKCON in different parts of South India

  • Lal bagh Bengaluru:

    Lal bagh Bengaluru:

    Lal bagh which means red garden is a famous botanical garden in Bangalore. The foundation for this temple was laid by Haidar Ali and later it was finished by his son Tipu Sultan. The garden was created on the lines of Mughal gardens and Tipu sultan left no stone unturned in making this garden unique.

  • Dodda Ganeshana Gudi:

    Dodda Ganeshana Gudi:

    This temple of Bengaluru is dedicated to’ Nandi –the vahana of Lord Shiva’. It is situated at the Bull temple road and is located inside a park known as Bugle Rock. It was built by Kempe Gowda under the Vijaynagar Empire who is also believed to be the founder of the city. The temple houses one of the biggest idols of Nandi in the entire world.

  • Bannerghatta National park:

    Bannerghatta National park:

    This national park located near the city of Bangalore is another major place of interest in the city. It was founded in 1971 and declared as a national park in the year 1974. It is a 25000 acre national park which includes a Zoo, a pet corner, an aquarium and a safari Park. It is an ideal place for adventure and those people who are love with the nature would definitely love it.

  • Bangalore Fort:

    Bangalore Fort:

    The construction of Bangalore Fort began in 1537 as a mud fort by kempe Gowda who is known as the founder of the city Bangalore. But the main credit goes to Haider Ali who transformed the mud fort into a stone fort during the year 1761. In the year 1791 during the Third Mysore war British army under Lord Cornwallis took hold of the fort .

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