• Vaishno Devi

    Vaishno Devi

    This place needs no introduction as this is one of the most prominent Shaktipeeth and it houses goddess Durga as prime deity. Maa vaishno Devi can be reached by katra and from Katra you have to a long uphill walk to reach the bhawan or shrine. Ponies are also available to reach there and even Helicopter service is available with a payment. The shrine can only be described on reaching there.

  • Bahu fort

    Bahu fort

    Bahu fort is located in the city of Jammu and it was built by Raja Bahulochan about 3000 years ago and it was renovated by Dogra rulers during the 19th century. It is a religious place and it houses temple of Goddess Kali which is known as ‘Bave kali Mata Temple’. The temple is made up of white marble and it is not very big in size. The area has an event known as Bahu Mela and in this event many pilgrims come to seek blessings from Goddess kali.

  • Gulmarg gondola

    Gulmarg gondola

    It is the world second largest operating cable car and Asia’s largest operating cable car service. The ropeway is in two stages and it carries more than 600 people per hour. The first stage is from Gulmarg resort to Kandoori station. The second stage takes the skiers to the height of 3747 m on Kandoori Mountain. The first stage started operations in 1998 and the second stage was completed in 2005. It is a major tourist destination and the timings are from 10 am to 5 pm but it varies according to the weather.

  • Hari parbat

    Hari parbat

    This hill overlooking the city of Srinagar is important to Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs as on the western slope of the hill there is a famous shakti temple and on the southern slope there is shrine of Hamzaa Makhdoom. On the southern side of outer wall there is a Gurudwara which honors the visit of Guru Har Gobind. There is a fort built on the hill named as ‘Durrani fort’ and was built by Shuja shah Durrani.

  • Sheshnag Lake

    Sheshnag Lake

    This is a high altitude lake which is situated at the track leading to Amaranth cave. It’s a small lake with length of 1.1 km and width of 0.7 km. the lake has crystal clear water which is ample for drinking and it has many species of fishes including brown trout. The lake is considered as sacred as it falls on the way to holy Amaranth.

  • Salim Ali national park

    Salim Ali national park

    It is a former national park located in Srinagar and covers an area of 9.07 km2. It was notified in the year 1986 and named after the famous ornithologist Salim Ali. In the year 1988, it was converted into Royal Spring golf course .when it was a national park, it had the species like Musk deer, leopard and many species of birds like paradise flycatcher, rind dove and Himalayan snowcock.

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