• Golden temple

    Golden temple

    Golden temple or Harmandir Sahib is the holiest Sikh Gurudwara. It was designed by te fifth Sikh guru Ram Das. He completed Adi granth and installed the same in Gurudwara. The present day structure of the shrine was built in 1764 and during the 19th century Maharaja Ranjit Singh covered the upper floor of the monument with gold to protect the Punjab region and thereafter it became to be known as the Golden temple. Golden

  • Jallianwala bagh

    Jallianwala bagh

    Jallianwala bagh is a public garden in the city and it has memorial of the victims of Jallianwala bagh Massacre which happened on April 13th 1919, on the auspicious occasion of baisakhi. More than one thousand unarmed men, women and children were mercilessly killed on the orders of General R.E.H. Dyer. The garden became red with blood and there were dead bodies lying all around the place. In order to pay homage a memorial was built in the garden in 1951 by Govt.

  • Akal Takht

    Akal Takht

    Akal Takht is one of the five takhts of Sikh religion. It is located inside Harmindar Sahib Complex. It was built by Guru Hargobind as a mark of political sovereignty and where spiritual concerns of Sikh religion could be addressed. The modern building of Akal Takht is a five storey building with gold leafed dome. During operation blue star, the original Akal Takht was destroyed by Indian Army and in the year 1995, new Takht was formed.

  • Wagah Border ceremony

    Wagah Border ceremony

    The Wagah Border closing or lowering of the flags ceremony is worth watching and surpasses the experience of any sightseeing. It is referred to as the daily military practice performed by B.S.F. and Pakistan rangers. The ceremony takes place at evening during the sunset. It starts with parade by the soldiers of both the sides and ends with lowering of the flags from both the sides. The ceremony is witnessed by many visitors from both the sides.

  • Durgiana Temple

    Durgiana Temple

    This is the largest Hindu temple in the state of Punjab and its architecture closely resembles with the Golden temple. The original temple was built in 16th century and it was rebuilt in 1921 by Guru Harsai Mal Kapoor in the same style as Golden temple and was then inaugurated by Pandi t Madan Mohan Malviya. The temple has goddess Durga as the prime deity. Goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu’s statues are also in the temple. The temple is in the middle of a sacred lake and is reachable through by a bridge.

Dotted with Dense timbered woods, Kasauli is perched in the Solan district in the charming state of Himachal Pradesh. It offers the allure of a calm and composed tourist appeal. Kasauli is famed for its picture perfect surroundings and magnificent Victorian mansions. The snow-covered mountains, lush greenery, gurgling torrents and alpine meadows enhance the unspoiled exquisiteness of the hill station. It is undoubtedly an amazing place for all those who are seeking for a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is one of the few places that built up by British kingdom during the peak time in India. While in Kasauli you will be accompanied by the bright green beauty and sweet voices of the birds. No other place can offer as much peace as Kasauli. So come and bask in the beautiful paradise on earth.

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