• Dal Lake

    Dal Lake

    Dal Lake is a famous lake in Srinagar and many of the bollywood songs are shot at this lake. The lake is about 18 square kms and it has houseboats, hotels, mughal era gardens. Famous Mughal era gardens are Shalimar Bagh, nishat bagh which were built by Jahangir and they are worth watching. You can witness floating gardens which are known as Rad in Kashmiri language which blossom with Lotus flower during the month of July and August.

  • Chashme Shahi

    Chashme Shahi

    It is one of the mughal garden built in the year of 1632 during the reign of Shah Jahan. The garden is located near Governor House along the lines of Dal Lake. Chashme sahib was the name given to it after it was found by Rupa Bhawan, the known saint of Kashmir. The garden truly signifies Persian art form and its architecture. The garden is built around a fresh water spring. It is the most charming of all the gardens in the city.

  • Shankaracharya Temple

    Shankaracharya Temple

    This temple is situated on the top of the Sulaiman hill and is at a height of 1000 ft above the plains. The temple was built around 200 B.C. and worships Lord Shiva as its prime deity. During the 19th century Sikhs placed Shiva Linga inside the temple and from then onward regular services were offered. It got its name from Adi Guru Shankaracharya who visited the temple and he is even said to transform the same into a Hindu worshipping site prior to which some believed it to be a Buddhist site. The architecture of the temple is awesome and it is made up of solid rock. Regular worship is done in the temple and is visited by the pilgrims who go to Amarnath Yatra.

  • Hazratbal Shrine

    Hazratbal Shrine

    This shrine is located on the left bank of Dal Lake and it is considered as the holiest Muslim shrine of the entire Kashmir. It is said to house relic of Prophet Muhammad and hence this shrine has a greater religious significance. In December 1963 it was reported that the relic got missing leading to mass protests but within few days it was recovered and the then P.M. confirmed that everything was under control.

  • Shalimar Bagh

    Shalimar Bagh

    It is yet another Mughal garden along the bank of Dal Lake and it was built by Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife Nur jahan in the year 1619. Shah Jahan and his wife Nur Jahan were so impressed by Srinagar that they moved to Srinagar at least 13 times in Delhi. The garden covers an area of 12.4 hectares and it has 3 terraces fitted with fountains.

  • Jamia Masjid, Srinagar

    Jamia Masjid, Srinagar

    The Jamia masjid is located in the middle of the city. It is an old mosque built by Sultan Sikandar in 1400 A.D. under the order of Mir Mohammad Hamdaani. The mosque is one of the most respected mosques of the country and it is known for even its constriction style and architecture. This mosque has a capacity of facilitating more than 34000 people to pray five times a day.

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