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Top Five Tourist Places to Visit in Uttar Pradesh

Besides being famous for the Varanasi Ghats, the Kumbh Mela and most definitely the Taj Mahal, Uttar Pradesh in India is also well-liked as a much loved tourist destination for other extraordinary places. Wearing a veil in mysticism and soaked in culture, Uttar Pradesh is an historic state in the northern region of India, and also is home to historical cities which are in turn home to the Indian Gods, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.

LucknowLucknow:Lucknow or the city of Nawabs as it is lovingly called; is a blissful city known for its manners and hospitality. An out and out modern city where infrastructure and education is concerned, Lucknow city still retains its culture and legends amongst the people and its enigmatic ambience. Usually believed that Lucknow takes its name from Lakshman, brother of Lord Rama, this city is sheathed in folklore and mysteries, and the very aura of the Lucknow city induces nostalgia. Most Interesting places to visit in Lucknow city are Bara Imambara and Bhul Bhulaiya (an imposing tomb complex and labyrinth), zoo, museums, Rumi Darwaza and ruins of the Lucknow Residency and Museum.

KanpurKanpur:Supposed to be the largest city in Uttar Pradesh, ‘Kanpur’ or ‘Cawnpore’ as it was spelled prior to 1948, is one of the oldest industrial settlements in Uttar Pradesh(UP), North India. Again, believed to have taken its name from more than one legendary source, Kanpur is a city that makes up the true spirit of the north. When you are visiting Kanpur, must go to Shri Radha Krishna Temple, Bithoor and other temples – where you can take a boat ride across River Ganga, Gautam Buddha Park, Ganga Barrage to see the huge dam built across the River Ganga.

AllahabadAllahabad:Allahabad is also one of the largest and holiest cities in Uttar Pradesh, known to be the hometown of India’s favorite superstar Amitabh Bachchan. Like other cities in UP, Allahabad too is known for its polite mannerisms and warm hospitality. The most excellent thing about Allahabad is that even if you are visiting for the first time, you will feel like you be in the right place or you belong. First, Make sure to plan your Allahabad trip during the Kumbh Mela, which is supposed to be the majority gathering of people in the world. Another way, Allahabad is well-known for attractions like Allahabad Fort, Moti Mahal, Khusro Bagh, Company Bagh and the iconic new bridge over the Yamuna River.

AyodhyaAyodhya:This ancient city is famous for being the birthplace of the Indian mythological gods Lord Rama and Swaminarayan .This glorious city is bestowed with such history and mysteries that skipping a trip here would be madness! Ayodhya or Saket as goes its Sanskrit name has several places that we strongly recommend you visit. At the first, you could go to Ramkot, where devotees from India and all over the world come to during Ram Navami, and birthday of Lord Rama’s. Other places worth visiting are Nageshwarnath Temple – said by Lord Rama’s son, Khush, Mani Parbat, Kanak Bhawan and Choti Chowni, Lakshmana Ghat are huge temples.

Jhansi FortJhansi:Jhansi city is popular for its fearless warrior Queen Rani Lakshmi Bai and known for its own history and enigma. Jhansi was a most important seat of the Maratha warriors. Flaunting a mercurial weather, Jhansi city is well-known for attractions like Rani Mahal,the Fort of Jhansi,  Orchha – where you can visit Sheesh Mahal and Jahangir Mahal . Close by to Jhansi is Khajuraho – known for its erotic sculptures and beatific temples, and Nag Mandir. The inspiring aura of Jhansi is one you just cannot afford to miss and it will surely evoke pride in your heart about your history and nationality.

Local Transport for traveling Tourist Places  Visit in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is a full-fledged North Indian state with all the facilities of a metropolis. Here, very easy to navigate through and foreign tourists find the people helpful and extremely polite. The most suitable way to travel through the city is by the far-reaching network of public city buses or rent private cars like BabaCarRental, offer personalized   vehicle and car rental services in Uttar Pradesh and other states. We can make your travel in this state easy and smooth by a car you hire with us. We will also offer you English and Local language speaking chauffeur along with region. Foreign Tourists can rent a car in UP and other states for enjoy their travel in and around the cities with luxury, comfortable and convenient way. So hire a car with us and make your tour in and around as trouble-free as you need. The buses connect to every place within and in the close vicinity of the city and cover most of the tourist attractions across town as well.

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