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God’s Natural Canvas as portrayed in KeralaTourism

keralaThe diversity of the landscape and life in Kerala are so great that there is no time to view everything perfectly. There is a wildlife sanctuary which is worth visiting. Misty hill stations appear heavenly during winters, even the beaches are worth enjoying.February would be the ideal month to visit Kerala and enjoying its natural beauty.

With the Arabian Sea to the West, enjoys Western Ghats ranging from500-2700 m on the East and channels with the various geographical properties of the forty-four rivers. Kerala is divided into three geographic regions: the Highlands, the slope down from the Western Ghats in the Midlands by gentle hills and valleys in an uninterrupted coastline with many picturesque backwaters connected with the canals and rivers. Western Ghats are not more than 120 km away from the sea.

Seasons of the year
Awarded a pleasant and uniform climate throughout the year, Kerala is a tropical country with the coast throughout its length. The monsoon (from June to September and October to November) and summer (February to May) are clearly experienced here the seasons, while winter is only a little fall in the everyday temperature is from 28-32° c.

Language spoken
In Kerala, people speak a variety of languages. The most widely spoken languages in this State are Malayalam and English because the people of this village are highly trained and learned. In addition to these two languages, there are many other languages spoken here. These languages reflect the different ethnic groups not only the State but also about the country. The State provides work communities including these dialects and languages that are not heard widely in the country. About sixteen languages are been spoken in Kerala which were recognized by authorities in Kerala and the reason behind this was the State in relation to religion and culture.

Kerala festivals
Kerala is a land where festivals never end. The dates of this festival, which change annually according to the timetable of Malayalam calendar in Kerala, are celebrated indigenous year round. These festivals are an integral part of the State and attended with great enthusiasm and fun where people belonging to different castes and religion participate.These festivals are today perhaps the only opportunity to maintain the classical folk and ritual art of Kerala and keeping it alive and as well as promoting the true tradition and culture. The most widely celebrated festivals are as follows Onam, Pongal, Easter, Thrissur Pooram, Thiruvathira, Vishu, Navarathri Festival, Makaravillakku festival.

Places of Interest:

Cochin is a charming town and also known as the “Gateway of Kerala”. The architecture and historic sites in Cochin Fort draw most visitors to the area.

Kerala backwaters
backwatersYou can view one of the most peaceful and relaxing things in Kerala which is a boat trip along the canals of Kerala Palm trees known as the backwaters. Indian cuisine prepared and beer on the boat will make the experience even more enjoyable. You can spend the night in the middle of a lake.

MunnarIf you like tea, a visit to Munnar is a must! The area is known for its sprawling tea plantations. One can see how is tea harvested and processed and try fresh tea directly from the garden. The natural beauty of winding alleys, misty hills and forests full of wild animals and exotic plants attract tourists. Adventure enthusiasts can explore the Eravikulam National Park, trekking to the Anamudi, the highest peak in South India, or go climbing and paragliding.

VarkalaThe setting of this beach Varkala is impressive enough, Rob for respiration, with a long rope stretch of cliffs and views that stretch in the Arabian Sea. A paved trail runs the cliff along the length, filled with coconut trees, quaint shops, beach huts, hotels and guesthouses. It is not surprising that Varkala is one of the best beaches in India.

WayanadWayanad is a bright green mountainous region that stretches along the Western Ghats. There are a lot of scenic charm.Lofty peaks the landscape makes plentiful coconut trees, dense forests and rice paddies. Due to the nature of your site is also a lot to offer the adventure enthusiasts. Popular attractions are trekking to the Chembra peak and Meenmutty falls explore the ancient Jain temple, climbing and Edakkal caves and wild animals, at Muthanga and Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary spotting. A featured more Wayanad is the many delightful homestays in the area.

Periyar National Park 6
Periyar National Park of Kerala, in the District of Thekkady is one of the most popular national parks in the South of India. One of the best things about the park that remains throughout the year, open also during the monsoon season. Periyar is known for its elephants and elephant of 30-minute tours offered through the jungle. Safaris are conducted in boat. Visitors can take part in an excellent choice in Eco-tourism activities there.

Top Hotels in Kerala:

The Leela
The LeelaIf you are looking for luxury hotels in Kovalam, Leela would be the best hotel. The scenic beauty from the hotel room casts a magic spell on the spectators. The hotel is located at the side of a cliff overlooking the sea and has its own private beach. The rooms have their own terrace overlooking the beach, while overlooking the tranquil Garden rooms in a Palm Grove in the vicinity of water.

Taj Vivanta
Taj VivantaThis popular hotel Taj Green Cove that is now known as Vivanta of Taj Mahal .Although it still has the same lush hillside, it loads a new look which is far more exciting. It’s quiet and relaxing well often when it highlights,the restaurant on the beach called bait, which serves fresh seafood. However, the hotel is a seaside resort. The sea is about 10 minute walk and the beach emerged from March to November, so that most guests prefer that infinity pool surrounded by nature. The Vivanta by Taj Mahal is slightly cheaper than the Leela.7200 rsfor a double room, depending on the time of the year.

Sea Rock Hotel
The best thing about Sea Rock Hotel is its fabulous and convenient location on the seafront of Carlos Gardel. The hotel has a terrace restaurant overlooking the sea and the sea-facing rooms are airy with balcony.

Kerala is a perfectly a tourist destination which attracts all residing population of India and from foreign as well .Kerala has been god’s creation with Kokanam ( coconut ) city engulf within .It is a place dealt with festivals which never end enjoyment everywhere with pure prayers custom and rituals which is seen into their celebrations . Simple and sober quality of Kerala invites tourists from all over the world.I has engulfed all things within itself which enthralls visitors. Pleasant climate and rich enriched natural beauty with art and culture are the major factors and positive factors as well to foster tourist development.

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